Residential window cleaning

Outside cleaning only

Frames, sills, doors and any conservatory windows are included in every clean

We transport purified soft water in our van to your home. Once we arrive at your home we simply switch on our van’s water pump and the purified water is pressured through our houses and up out of the brush-head at the end of our carbon-fibre extendable poles. The height we extend our poles doesn’t affect the pressure of the water cleaning your windows. The scrubbing motion of the brush head along with the constant flow of pressured water will clean away all the dirt from your glass, sills, frames and doors. After a thorough final rinse, the glass will dry streak-free, therefore without the need for us to wipe the glass dry. Our carbon-fibre poles also extend to reach up to third-floor​ windows, including any upstair windows that are directly above conservatory roofs.

We are friendly and uniformed at all times, a reflection of the professional service we provide. We also always clean frames, sills, doors and any conservatory windows at every clean. We use a van-mounted water-fed pole system designed and manufactured by Ionic Systems Ltd, the UK’s market leader in window cleaning systems. The quality service we provide allows us to offer our ‘Rain or Shine’ Guarantee.

We offer every customer a regular on-going window clean service all year round. We work to a 4 weekly cleaning rota, meaning you’ll know when your next window clean is due. We’ll always text or phone you the day before every clean to remind you as well. This also helps to remind you to provide us with necessary access if ever you aren’t home on the day we clean your windows, therefore allowing you to know when to unlock any gates or the garage door if required.

'Rain or Shine' Guarantee

Our window cleaning system is designed to clean windows all year round in all weather types, even when it's raining, so we're able to guarantee the same streak-free quality clean 12 months of the year. The fact is rain water is purified soft water containing no impurities and so is the exact same form of water as we use.  This means whenever we clean your windows in the rain the quality of the clean is unaffected. Soft water pulls dirt off windows and into the water droplets via a process called osmosis. It is dirt carried in the wind that makes windows unclean.


Hard Water is the opposite type of water to purified soft water. We will only ever use purified soft water to clean your windows. Hard water is what comes out of everyone's taps at home and contains many impurities such as calcium gathered from underground. If we used tap water to clean your windows it would leave streaks, which are the impurities such as calcium left on the glass after the water has evaporated. Also likewise, if we used soapy water to clean your windows but didn't dry your windows afterwards it would leave streaks too, which again are the impurities of the soap left on the glass after the water has evaporated.

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